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28 Jan Just finished the extension in the Regular Wheel Catalog of Numbers 152 and 153. In the extended catalog (Castings, Wheels, Link to C. Falkensteiner, overview pictures) you will find in the added History amongst others Pictures of old adverts, boxes, blisters, casting and some tips. It is the last of the 3 main catalog on MB75 scale models. I still have to finish 154 - 230. Unfortunately it means I have to spend some less time to my other Matchbox activities. Each addition of a single Regular Number cost me 1 to 2 days. If you have some remarks, stories, pictures to add please let me know.
Actual News Pages
Click picture for 2018 Wave 65 Tears Matchbox Click picture to go to the Webshop
12 Mar Jurrasic World 2018. 5 Models.
17 Feb 2018 Walt Disney Bus
17 Feb 2018 Walt Disney Plane, First 2 Skybusters 2018
01 Feb Updates Februar 2018
16 Dec Missed the Lamborgini.....
12 Nov 2017 Pictures pack 1 to 6. And overview Picture Pack 7 Police.
22 Dec Skyline Seat belts and 2 NEW Land Rover Castings!!!
18 May Wave C and D 2016


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