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Items with a Date or Picture with a yellow background have been updated during the last 21 Days.

We can recognize in the MB75 range of car models 3 Main Groups:
  1. Regular Wheel Models (1953 - about 1968)
  2. Superfast Models with a MADE by Lesney on the base plate (1968 - about 1983)
  3. Superfast Models with a Matchbox base plate and using the, in 1983 introduced Matchbox Manufacturing numbers
This option can be used for searching our complete MB75 database by name. For this purpose you can type a text string which contains:
  1. a (part of) the name of the model you are searching (see the base plate of the model for the correct name).
    For example if you want to search for the Isuzu Rodeo then you can type in Isuzu or Rodeo or Isu or any other combination of consecutive letters within this name. The closer you are in typing the full name the more exact your selection will be.
  2. Mack Number. You can type (part of) the Mack number like 56-I or 56-. Please note there are a number of mistake in this numbering.
  3. The Matchbox Manufacturing number e.g. 273.
N.b. In the range of 702-871 you can find some not unique Matchbox Manufacturing numbers. Those numbers have been issued during the eighties and have been, by mistake, issued by Mattel a second time after 2010. The original models with those numbers are mainly models from old Twin Packs. To search the Data Base for those models use the Text option below.

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