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July Final Report 48


I would like you to give this golden crown for being the best Matchbox Ambassador ever.

Hope you will givew it a specioal place next to your golden bus!

Thanks, thanks, thanks
How quickly the year has passed and so this becomes my final report. I hand over the Ambassador reins to Larry Scaduto, a collector of many years who, I am sure, will maintain the high standards set by my predecessors.
The Gathering models as has become the norm are excellent creations and tribute again has to be paid to the skills of Michael Heralda. The artwork on the Gathering models serves as an example of what Matchbox can do if given a free hand.

And so my time as Ambassador is over. I would like to thank every collector for so much support. I hope that I have covered something for everyone in terms of interest. I thank so many collectors who have shown their enthusiasm for the history section. In particular thanks are due to Graham Tomlinson, John Lambert and David Tilley for their help with these reports.
I wish Larry all the best and I am confident he will continue to highlight this brand that we all share a fondness for.

Nigels report on the 2015 report can be found at the Matchbox Forum Line Preview 2015 NEWS section.