Matchbox Collectors Meeting MECA
April 12 until June 21 2015

What's happening?

It's the by largest exposition never in a Museum until to day. What we are exposing is an excerpt of the complete main line of Matchox:
  • 1-75 (also called the regular series, Superfast series, 75 series)
  • Accessories
  • Models of Yesteryear
  • Major Packs
  • King Size (later Super Kings and Speed Kings)
  • Scorpions (non-metal, rechargeable battery powered cars)
  • Sky Busters
  • Two Packs (later also called the 900 series or Hitch 'n Haul )
  • Battle Kings; (K-101 - K-118)
  • Matchbox Military
  • Sea Kings
  • Adventure 2000
  • Convoy
  • Dinky
  • Real Working Rigs
Of course space is limited and we can not expose the complete range of all 25.000 models ever made but we have a substantial overview of all characteristic cars in a special room with over 25 display full of oldies and goodies.

Organisation is the responsability of the Toy Musseum in Oosterhout (Netherlands, Brabant) with the help of John Nijhuis (Matchbox Ambassador # 5).

17 May there will be a special MBXForum/3 Inch Collectors Convention day. We are still working on the program but it will be worth while to plan your visit to the Matchbox exposition with this event.

Look for an excellent foto shoot of Remk at: